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Webuzo control panel is the most preferred control panel as it can be easily Deployed on Cloud Environment. Webuzo is most oftenly chosen because it is Compatible with all the servers Powered by any Virtualization Techniques like OpenVZ, KVM, XEN or any other. Also webuzo enables the users to Deploy it as Virtual Appliance on operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. Webuzo is a LAMP stack with only single user panel.

Webuzo control panel streamline the Installing and Configuring of the Applications and Bestows features like FTP Management, DB Management, Domain Management, Leading-Edge Security Techniques and more. With the use of Webuzo control panel the set up of server is carried out easily. Webuzo control panel has many users because of its User-Oriented Interface and Advanced Technology.

Webuzo Control Panel

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webuzo control panel - Features

High-End Features of Webuzo Control Panel!

Easy Deployment

Webuzo allows Easy Deployment of Applications on Cloud or Virtual Machines, without requiring extra Knowledge on Maintenance of Applications.

Free Upgrades

We provide Free Upgrades regarding Security and other Vital features with Webuzo control panel to keep your website stay up-to-date.

Script Upgrades

With Webuzo control panel your website will be Upgraded with New Versions of Scripts, whenever the new version of scripts will be rolled out.

Support Virtualization

Webuzo can be used as Virtual Appliance which can be made to run on any environment which is Compatible with virtualization.

Secure Access

Webuzo control panel enables the users to Install any kind of Security Techniques and Patches on website to have Secure Access over website.

DNS Management

Webuzo allows its users to Manage DNS records and Easy Deployment of Applications across various domains.

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    Ans: Webuzo is a Single User Control Panel furnishing easy and quick deployment of applications on virtual machines or cloud in a single click.

    Ans: Yes, Webuzo control panel can be used on Platforms Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Ans: Webuzo can be used to launch Wiki, Stack for PHP, JAVA, MySQL development etc.