Handle all the ploy of WorldStream Dedicated Servers Via WHMCS!

WHMCS Module to deal with all actions of Worldstream Dedicated Servers

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One-Click options to control your WorldStream Dedicated Servers!

All-in-One suite to handle your WorldStream Servers

WeboDesk presenting User-accommodating Automation Module for Worldstream Dedicated Servers. All the Resellers of Worldstream will now get the opportunity to deal with the Owned Dedicated Servers and screen them every minute of every day. Extraordinary Features For Server Admin and Clients will make it Different from other computerization modules.

Worldstream is the universally recognized dedicated server provider and we are happy to announce that we have made a module called WorldStream Auto Extended i.e in the event that you are a reseller of Worldstream, utilizing this module your client’s can ready to deal with their server from your WHMCS board. The module is created dependent on Worldstream API v1 for dedicated server automation for WHMCS.

WS Auto Extended Extended


  • Full Root Access
  • Defined Bandwidth
  • Easy Re-Installation
  • Administrator Controls
  • Uplink Block Status

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WS Auto Extended Extended WHMCS Module - Features


Full Root Access

Both Admin and Client has Complete Access on Server to Power On/Off, Reboot, View Assigned Server IPs, Setup RDNS, Reinstall Server/Rescue Mode, screen Server Resources and so on.

Administrator Controls

For the smooth working, administrator Owes Some Special Controls like Server Terminations, Suspend/Unsuspend, Server Import, etc. Client updation is not possible when the admin suspends or terminates the server.

Highly Encrypted Database

Defined Bandwidth

Administrator can Decide Monthly Bandwidth Quota for every customer. Current Month Bandwidth view will let the administrator choose who is in limit and who is abusing the Bandwidth.

Uplink Block Status

Uplink Block Status

Administrator can check Uplink Block Status and Downgrade/Upgrade When Necessary. Customer Can Just View the Uplink and Its status, he is not allowed to Downgrade/Upgrade.

Easy Re-installation

Different Operating Systems are Compatible with the Dedicated servers which are accessible so that Admin can Re-install the Server when required and whenever asked by the customer.

24/7 Customer support

Our highly qualified customer support team is ready to help you all-around-the-clock. We provide “24/7 Live Dedicated Team”, “24/7 Live Semi-Dedicated Team”, “24/7 Live Shared Team” & “Assemble Own Team”

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    Ans: Yes, you have the access to suspend/unsuspend the WorldStream Dedicated Servers is necessary. Incase you are not following the rules of our agreement then the admin can suspend you and you are not allowed to unsuspend the services.

    Ans: Yes, our WHMCS WORLDSTREAM AUTO EXTENDED MODULE has the list of all the OS which can be installed and all the new OS are automatically added in the list.

    Ans: If you are crossing your bandwidth limit then in this case the admin will suspend your services temporarily and send you an email notifying the same.

    Ans: We will upload, install and configure our product for you within 48 hours, plus prioritize your tech support access.

    Ans: Yes, we do provide Installation Assistance, Technical Support and Module Training, free of cost. If you want our assistance in customization then we have a paid service.