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Want to Change the Vogue of Software development? Switch to trending Hybrid Cloud management with immense Features and Technicalities.

Microsoft Azure, previously know as Windows Azure is the Complete set of Cloud Services used by developers to Design, Locate and Manage Applications through datacenters situated across globe. Microsoft Azure management service by WeboDesk is the Epitome of Management Solutions with Accurate Organization of Technical Details in the Cloud Infrastructure for High Performance and Availability.

WeboDesk with its key perks of management solution offers Highly Scalable, Flexible and Tailor-made packages accord to your server needs. At WeboDesk the combo of quick-witted brains and automated tools provide you the Microsoft Azure management service support around-the-clock. Microsoft Azure is the trending Hybrid Cloud in the industry now, with immense Features and Technicalities.

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microsoft azure management

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Microsoft Azure : Public Cloud Computing Platform of Microsoft

Get wide range of cloud services inclusive of Cloud Computing, Storage and Networking.
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    Distinguished Trademarks of Microsoft Azure Management!

    Easy Scaling

    Microsoft Azure furnishes auto scale feature to easily sale up and down the resources based on server specifications.

    All Supportive Service

    Microsoft Azure providing both PaaS and IaaS services, supports varied programming languages and tools of Microsoft specific and third party software.

    Backup Service

    Microsoft Azure provisions secured Data Backup for virtual machines, database servers and more.

    High Availability

    As Microsoft Azure is deployed in the Datacenters Globally, it is easy for Azure users to deploy applications geographically closer to their leads.

    Azure Automation

    Azure automation features easily identifies and manages complex, frequently appearing and Error-Prone Activities.

    Disaster Recovery

    WeboDesk support experts will plan and manage Disaster Recovery for Azure virtual machines.

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