Skillful per incident support Technicians


On-demand Server Management Plan designed to effectively address and resolve all pesky server issues you may encounter.

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Is there a problem with your servers?

Are you struggling to find a way to secure your servers?

Absolutely! You’ve come to the perfect spot. Webodesk’s Per Incident Support is specifically designed to cater to the needs of both individual customers and software development units. By opting for per-incident support, you gain the advantage of choosing the most suitable administrator from our diverse team, each equipped with unique skills, expertise, and experience, to effectively resolve any issues on an incident-by-incident basis.

Webodesk offers incident-specific support that is tailored to those particular occurrences. Technical issues encountered by the client are resolved with the assistance of incident support services. Clients can conveniently receive responses via Live Chat, Skype, Mail, and other support modalities by utilizing Per Incident support.

Per Incident Support

Customized per incident support Plans!

Per Incident Support

Specialty of Per Incident Support!

Technical support

We provide exceptional Technical Assistance for any problem encountered.. Our experts will give the perfect solutions every query.

Service Availability

We are Available 24/7 at your service. Be free to contact us whenever you are unable to find a solution for the problem. We are happy to help you.

Initial Response Time

We never keep our clients waiting. An Auto-Response is set up to connect to customers right away. Get unwavering help and prompt resolution to any problem.

Universal Language

Technical support is available to customers and partners of Webodesk in English-language Technical Support, which is easily understood by clients.

Quick solutions

Our Webodesk staff strives to resolve concerns in a reasonable manner and delivers Hassle-FREE Solutions.

Time saving

Helps to save your time and manages all your Business more Effectively where you get Risk FREE Solutions.

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    Ans: An incident is a specific, distinct issue that requires multiple interactions with Technical Experts for resolution.

    Ans: We offer 24/7 technical assistance for any issues, including troubleshooting, FTP account settings, and firewall settings, ensuring prompt and efficient support.

    Ans: Per incident support plans enables to perform the tasks like Firewall Configuration, Server Optimization, Data Backup, Security Audits and many more.