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Manage Industry – Specific Requirements Using MySQL Clustering and DNS Clustering

WeboDesk can help you with MySQL clustering and DNS clustering to meet your specific business needs. Load balancing with MySQL is similar in Architecture and Layout. to load balancing with Web farms and HAProxy (High Availability Proxy).

A popular open-source load balance is used to Load Balance MySQL Query Transactions between multiple database servers. The DNS cluster, a group of nameservers sharing DNS records among them, is used to manually discrete the nameservers to handle DNS requests from webservers. The geographically spread nameserver helps you access your website hosted on the server, even if any of the nameservers fail.

Server Clustering


Server Clustering

Ideal Features of Server Clustering!

High Redundancy

Cluster services is the best solution to have your website functioning 24/7, without any hurdles caused to due to server failure.

Duplicate Domain Error

If you try to add a domain that already exists in the cluster, you will get an error message saying that the DNS records already exist.

Diminished Downtime

The geographically deployed servers provisions you to access your website at any time, without any downtime encountered by your website.

Improved Website Performance

As server clustering enables 24/7 Availability of your website, directly improving the efficiency and performance of your website.

Sky-High Scalability

Mysql clustering Plans empowers websites and applications to balance the boosted load and increase the Online Visibility.

Easy Maintenance and Management

The operation of clustered servers is maintained in a smooth and uncomplicated manner via the use of user-friendly approaches.

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    Ans: The term “Server Clustering” refers to a collection of separate servers that are linked together in order to prevent websites from becoming unavailable due to the failure of a single server. As part of the server clustering process, in the event that one of the servers fails, the resources and the workload are transferred to another server in the cluster. This ensures that your website continues to operate normally continuously.

    Ans: No, you typically do not need a separate network for multicast in a cluster. Multicast traffic is generally not heavy enough to warrant its own dedicated network. Additionally, most network switches can handle multicast traffic efficiently without requiring any special configuration.

    • Increased performance: Spreads workload across multiple serers, boosting responsiveness.
    • Enhanced scalability: Easily adjust resources up or down as needed.
    • Improved reliability: Minimizes downtime with automatic failover to other servers.
    • Reduced costs: More efficient resource utilization saves money on hardware and software.
    • Flexibility: Adapts to diverse workloads and future growth.
    • High availability: Ensures applications and services remain accessible 24/7.
    • Simplified management: Centralized control and monitoring for efficient administration.
    • Customized infrastructure: Tailor the cluster to specific business requirements.

    Ans: Webodesk’s server-clustering services start at a very low price of just $49 only!


    • Improved reliability and uptime
    • Enhanced performance through load balancing
    • Scalability to handle growing workloads
    • Fault tolerance for critical applications
    • Efficient resource utilization
    • Seamless failover in case of server failures

    Ans: Server clustering improves dependability by establishing a redundant system. If one server dies, others in the cluster may smoothly take over, reducing downtime and maintaining ongoing service availability.

    Ans: Server clustering is often more commonly associated with larger enterprises, but smaller businesses can also benefit from it, especially as their IT infrastructure and resource needs grow.

    Ans: Server clustering plays a vital role in disaster recovery by maintaining data integrity and availability. In the event of a disaster, applications can quickly switch to alternate nodes within the cluster, minimizing data loss and downtime.

    Ans: Webodesk’s server clustering service provides businesses with increased reliability, scalability, and performance. By ensuring high availability and efficient resource utilization, businesses can experience improved operational efficiency.