Optimal DirectAdmin Server Management


A perfect direct admin control panel management solution that caters to All Operational Essentials.

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With Customer-Centric Interface, DirectAdmin is well matched with popular Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Centos, OpenSuse and more.

As members of this industry, we understand the significance of Reliability, Speed, Quality and Server Administration.

Therefore, WeboDesk is the perfect solution for all of your DirectAdmin server administration needs, including Server Monitoring, Data Migration, Server Hardening, Backup, and Server Management. When you need help with DirectAdmin Servers, our support specialists are here for you around the clock. If you want to take your company’s sales to new heights, contact WeboDesk.

DirectAdmin Server Management

Find Out what DirectAdmin Server Management Plan Suits You!

DirectAdmin Server Management

$ 49.99 /Month

DirectAdmin Server Management Features

  • DirectAdmin Installation configuration.
  • DNS Setup Configuration.
  • Software Installations and Upgradations.
  • Mail Server Setup and Configurations (EXIM).
  • Database Server Setup | Optimization(MySQL/MariaDB).
  • Backup Configuration for Disaster Recovery.
  • FREE 50GB Offsite Backup Storage.
  • Webserver Optimization(Apache/Nginx/Litespeed).
  • PHP Optimization/Hardening.
  • Website Speed Optimization.
  • Load Management.
  • Installation and Optimizing Firewall.
  • Handling DirectAdmin Migration.
  • Standard SLA Applied.
  • SSL Installation And Configuration.
  • 3rd Party Application Installation.
  • VPS Resource Tweaks.
  • FREE Migration Support.
  • Share Tips on Website Speed Improvements.
  • Spam Protection Configuration.
  • Malware & Trojan Protection.
  • Antivirus Installation | Configuration.
  • SSH Access Hardening.
  • Many More…
DirectAdmin Management

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Facile Installation

Our professionals will install the DirectAdmin control panel with all the Latest Updates on your Web Hosting service, whether it’s a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

Server Restoration

You may request the restoration of an entire server account at WeboDesk. All locally or remotely saved data will be fully recovered at no cost.

Support for Advanced Modules

Highly Experienced support team will get your DirectAdmin Server account rebuilt with advanced modules and updation with Apache, Php or Mysql.

Server Migration

Transfer your DirectAdmin Server Account free of cost. Get Data migration Services from DA to plesk or cPanel servers at very Affordable Price.

Third Party Installations

Get assisted to install Third Party Software Installation like stand-alone applications, scripts and more easily on your DirectAdmin server.

Frontline technology

Get your DirectAdmin Server updated with latest version of Anti-Virus Solution, anti-spam solution, Server Software with security Patches.

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    Ans: There are additional charges that apply if you want to transfer data from the DirectAdmin server to another server, such as cPanel or Plesk.

    Ans: Currently, No Currently, No Moneyback Guarantee is being offered on DirectAdmin server management service. is being offered on DirectAdmin server management service.

    Ans: Absolutely! Our team of specialists is here for you around the clock to provide comprehensive help for server administration.