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Change the Vogue of One-click Application Installer.

Let WeboDesk handle your Application Installation very Efficiently via Softaculous in a Blink and a Single Click.

Softaculous is a One-Click Installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin, Installing several Applications and Scripts with just a Singe Click. Other than Easy Installation feature by Softaculous, it also provisions users to Easy Manage Updates, Backup, Restore & Recovery and more features.

WeboDesk offers One-Click Installers like Softaculous to Aid the Installation of more than 410+ Applications in just a Click. Also softaculous provisions for Installation of Multilingual Scripts with Daily Updation of Scripts. Softaculous encompasses activities copying of files to creating Databases.

Softaculous Auto Installer

Softaculous Auto Installer Plans!

Softaculous For VPS
For Dedicated Server
per month$ 1.5 /Month$ 2.5 /Month
per year$ 12.00 /Year$ 24.00 /Year
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One-Click Application Installer - Features

Worthwhile Perks of Softaculous One-Click Installer!

Data Backup

We will assist you in configuring Backup to restore data whenever necessary.

Complete Suite of Applications

Softaculous offers set of nearly 437 applications to install in a click to ease your work.

Need Assistance?

WeboDesk experts are Available 24/7 to assist you with Softaculous one-click installer addon.

Updating Scripts

Softaculous software is daily updated with new scripts for higher efficiency of installation process.

Well Paying

We offer the best Cost-Effective yet useful services and solutions with sheer respect.

Effortless Installing

You can Install web applications in one go through NFS and FTP Protocol.

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    Ans: Softaculous is a Single-Click Application Installer. This auto installer is highly used in Web Hosting industry and softaculous can be easily integrated in to control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx and etc.

    Ans: WeboDesk carries out Daily Updation of applications and scripts to ensure higher efficiency with new versions.

    Ans: We Configure Backups that can be restored if any attacks are occurred.