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LiteSpeed WebServer(LSWS) is Apache compatible WebServer.

To furnish its users with High Performance, Rocksolid Security, Customer-Centric Interface to deal with Multiple Connections Simultaneously.

LiteSpeed WebServer extends the Broad Range of Attributes and Administration Panel for Effective Management of server.

LiteSpeed WebServer being the Fastest Server is preferred by many of Web Hosting providers to get LSWS installed on their servers. That is why, cPanel is now the Authorized Partner of LiteSpeed WebServers. Now managing of LiteSpeed WebServers is easier through interface directly from WHM. Even after customizing the server like Apache and Nginx with High Configuration, the servers do not end up matching the Performance and Efficiency range of LiteSpeed WebServer, which make LSWS the most preferred WebServer.

LiteSpeed WebServers

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Litespeed VPS License:

Site Owner
Site Owner Plus
Memory< 8GBUnlimited
Pay Per Month$ 9.01 /Month$ 14.42 /Month
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Litespeed Server License:

Web Host
Web Host
Web Host
Web Host
Web Host
Memory< 8 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Pay Per Month$ 23.43 /Month$ 32.45 /Month$ 41.46 /Month$ 58.59 /Month$ 82.93 /Month
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LiteSpeed WebServer - Features

Principal Features of LiteSpeed WebServer!

Control Panel Plugin

LSWS is Well-Suited with all the Control Panels, hence control panel plugins have been developed to handle all the aspects of LSWS management.

Event-Driven Architecture

LiteSpeed WebServer has Event-Driven Architecture, which ensures Higher Performance and Durability.

Content Performance

LSWS delivers Dynamic Content Performance between server and External Applications with the use of server API.

Solid Server Security

LSWS has built-in anti-DDOS trait to bridge a barrier against DDOS Attack and is Compatible with other High Security patches.

Affordable Server

LSWS has reduced Hardware Cost because License Cost is lesser compared to other servers and even the Support Cost of LSWS is lesser.

Minimum Hardware Resources

LSWS serves the websites with Heavy Traffic on Regular Basis Efficiently by utilizing minimum hardware resources like Memory and CPU.

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    Ans: Litespeed Webserver(LSWS) is a webserver with outstanding work related to any other webservers, also which can be replaced with Apache without making any changes to the configuration files.

    Ans: The Litespeed webserver supports linux,OS X,Solaris and FreeBSD operating systems. LSWS is very much Secure, High-Performance and easily usable webserver.

    Ans: The LSWS helps to increase the server security more than Apache webserver.If any new attacks received,then you will be notified with security updates.It also has built-in Anti-DDoS features.